Boba Bear Hit with ADA Lawsuit

Americans with Disabilities Act

Date Filed: March 7, 2019
Cause: 42:12101 Americans With Disabilities Act
Nature of Suit: 446 Civil Rights: Americans with Disabilities
Jury Demand: Plaintiff
Jurisdiction Type: Federal Question

Boba Bear Koreatown, LLC

Justin P Karczag of
Encore Law Group LLP

Kee Sook Ahn

Kevin Hyunjong Hong
Advance Disability Advocates
3010 Wilshire Blvd., #516
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Kee Sook Ahn v. Boba Bear Koreatown, LLC (2:19-cv-01704)
District Court, Central District California

According to the complaint filed, the Plaintiff is a female paraplegic who visited Boba Bear on November 2 and December 23, 2018. Both times, she encountered barriers that interfered with her ability to use and enjoy the goods, services, privileges, and accommodations offered at the “restaurant business establishment.”



Boba Bear also is accused of failing to post legally required signage such as “Minimum Fine $250” or “Unauthorized Parking” at the parking space designated for persons with disabilities.