French Tourists Allege Theft at Line Hotel

A tourist from Paris is sharing the story that he and his wife had $600 stolen from a safe in their room at The Line during a recent stay at the hotel.

The man says they reported the incident to hotel management on the morning of their discovery of the theft, after which the tourist, his wife and their two-year-old child were asked to wait inside their room for the arrival of the head of security.

By 11:00 am, the family had become hungry and asked if they could go out to eat. They were told to come back at 2:00 pm to sign a report. When the family returned at 2:00 pm, they were again told to wait and weren’t let go until 3:00 pm.

The family had intended to stay in the hotel for nine days but decided to leave after four due to safety concerns. They had to find another hotel that cost more because the city was heavily booked on account of the L.A. Marathon.

Two hours after checking out of The Line, the wife realized she had left a pair of shoes in the hotel room. Her husband immediately contacted the front desk and the response was that the shoes were not found. After a few more exchanges, the hotel e-mailed the tourists a text excerpt of California law purportedly absolving the hotel of responsibility.

The Frenchman concluded his account with the statement, “This is unacceptable.”