DINE-IN BANNED in LOS ANGELES until Further Notice

Dine-in banned… takeout and delivery still ok…

Mandated closure of bars, gyms, fitness studios, movie theaters, public libraries

Due to concerns that a COVID-19 outbreak may be underway, the mayor of Los Angeles has PROHIBITED the following effective March 16 to the end of the month:

  • IN-RESTAURANT DINING (takeout and delivery still ok)
  • Public Gatherings

Please cooperate and remain at home. Maintain a distance of six feet away from other people in public.

Do not approach or touch old people at home without first washing your hands and without a change of clothes after coming in from outdoors.

Do not go near the elderly or senior members of the community when encountering them outside unless it’s an emergency and they need your immediate help.

Wash your hands immediately after coming home after outdoors.

Wash your hands before eating and before exiting the bathroom.

Upon arrival at home, immediately change out of your clothes. Leave your outdoor shoes by the door.

Upon arrival at home, immediately wash your face, hands and forearms. Take a shower, if possible.

Disinfect all surfaces including plastic handles, computer mice, and keyboards.