2nd Korean Air Flight Attendant on L.A. Route Tests Positive for COVID-19

Another Korean Air flight attendant has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to South Korean media outlets on Saturday, Seoul time.

The second cabin crewmember was tested for having worked on the same Incheon-LAX route between February 19 and 20 as the first KAL flight attendant who had been diagnosed last week.

Tests of other members of the crew have come back negative, although approximately 30 flight attendants of the company are in quarantine as a precaution.

The flight in question is KE012.

Late last week, the South Korean consulate in Los Angeles released a statement refuting social-media rumors that the first flight attendant had been to at least four particular restaurants in Koreatown. The first person claims to not have gone to but two places (and outside Koreatown) during her very brief stay in L.A. last month. No word yet on the second flight attendant’s itinerary.

According to data released by Korea CDC, the virus afflicts most severely those above the age of fifty, while children do not show any symptoms despite carrying the virus.

South Korea now has a total of 6,000 confirmed cases of COVid-19 with 44 deaths directly attributed to the virus. Cause of death is acute respiratory failure from pneumonia.

As of Friday, the United States has recorded over 300 cases and 14 deaths.