Ktown Visitors Complain About Restaurants Requiring Vax Proof

Koreatown Requires Vax Proof

In this particular example, a Chinese customer named Simon Zhao gave a one-star rating to Feng Mao’s restaurant on Western Avenue, remarking that the “server said a vaccination card was required for eating.” He said his party of four simply left without dining.

Feng Mao has two Chinese-Korean restaurants known for lamb kebabs — one on Olympic Boulevard, and another of Western Avenue. Their menus, like those of many other Koreatown establishments, are provided in the Chinese language due to the high percentage of Chinese-speaking tourists from the mainland and from Taiwan who patronize local businesses.

The City of Los Angeles has been requiring proof of vaccination to be shown since Nov. 4.

Aside from tourists, undocumented locals also find the requirement onerous because a goverment-issued ID needs to be also shown in order to verify the identity of the person showing the vaccination proof.