Two Men Shot Dead on 3rd & Normandie

Two men were shot dead in a walk-up ambush on 3rd & Normandie at around 1:50 pm, Monday.

 Martin Luther King Day
Shot dead on 3rd & Normandie

The suspects are still at large and initial speculation was that they were members of the 18th Street Gang. (See update below.)

Lucy’s Laundry Mart Parking Lot, 4005 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Monday evening, there was a separate police perimeter for an alleged shooting in the area of 14th & Orchard (command post at Pico & Magnolia), southeast of Koreatown’s formal borders.

The community has set up a memorial on 3rd & Normandie in memory of Jonathan “Kid” Villamizar, 19, and Alexander “Frosty” Veleche, 24, the two shooting victims.

UPDATE: The two victims reportedly were 18th Street Gang members from Shatto Park Locos. No confirmation on whether the suspects are from Rockwood.