With a class comprising of 29 students, LAPD officer David E. Shin (신은총) graduated from the Los Angeles Police Department academy on December 3, 2010. He had earlier studied Criminal Justice [sic] at UC Irvine.

Shin’s family migrated from South Korea to the United States in 1992. He lived in Southern California before moving to Tennessee, where he graduated high school in 2002. His first assignment after graduating from the academy was in Wilshire Division.

Easily spotted among LAPD officers because of his short height, glasses, and receding hairline, this 1.5-generation Korean American churchgoer is suspected of being the officer in the back of the patrol car with Miss Nguyen.

LAPD David Shin
David Shin, LAPD

As of January 2014, he has not issued any public statement on his role in the Kim Nguyen case as a member of the notorious Olympic Division, which has jurisdiction over Koreatown. He is close friends with his accomplice in that incident, Jinseok Oh.

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UPDATE: In 2020, David Shin received $201,616.74 in pay and benefits from the Los Angeles Police Department for one year’s work.