Only a few caught among the many rapists in the LAPD:

    • Gariner Beasley*
    • Russell Mecano
    • Michael Brambles
    • Leigh B. Schroyer
    • Michael Casados
    • Luis Valenzuela**
    • Jose Jesus Perez
    • James Nichols
    • Joseph Evan Robinson

LAPD officers who have been ordered by the courts to register as sex offenders in more recent years:

  • Russell Mecano
  • Ralph Cameron Lakin
  • John Robert Deegan
  • Albert William Cunningham
  • Miguel Schiappapietra
  • George Julian Stan

At least two more names from LAPD’s Olympic Division in Koreatown are expected to be added to this list soon.

In 1994, LAPD officer Stanley Tanabe was convicted of sexual battery against a 13-year-old girl whose family apartment he had twice illegally entered under color of authority.

In 1997, LAPD sergeant David Louis Navarro was sentenced to 36 days in jail and given probation for fondling several underage girls under color of authority.

In 2014, LAPD detective Oris Pace was arrested and charged with five felony counts of assault by a public officer and six counts of sexual battery by restraint. He was found to have beaten at least three women and forced them to undress so he could sexually gratify himself under color of authority.

*Gariner Beasley’s first name had been misspelled in court records as Garnier.

**Luis Valenzuela had been reassigned to Olympic Division in Koreatown after complaints were filed against him in Hollywood Division.

From the affidavit in the James Nichols – Luis Valenzuela case:

The driver officer then got out of the vehicle and sat in the rear seat adjacent to the victim… The passenger officer then got into the driver’s seat and drove them for a short distance to an unknown location. The officer seated next to her… “unzipped his pants and forced her head down towards his lap and physically held her head down and forced her to orally copulate him. After some time, he then told her to get out of the car.”

The passenger officer was white. The driver officer was Hispanic.