Jinseok Oh (오진석) was twenty-six years old when he graduated from the Los Angeles Police Department academy in January 2009.

He moved to the United States with his family at the age of 13 and is considered to be of the 1.5 generation, a group that bears the influence of Korean men known for their abuse of Vietnamese women. He is a graduate of La Mirada High School and majored in criminology in Cal State Long Beach.

He started working at Central Division in downtown L.A. in February 2009 and had been transferred to Olympic Division by 2013.

“Jin” Oh was named one of the defendants in the Kim Nguyen case in 2013. He is close friends with the other defendant, David E. Shin.

The Kim Nguyen incident happened on March 17, 2013. Jinseok Oh proposed to his Korean Air girlfriend Jisun Lee on March 23 in the presence of his partner David Shin.

It’s been conjectured that Jin S. Oh was the officer who was driving as David Shin was allegedly with the handcuffed Nguyen in the back of the patrol car.

The video of what happened to Kim Nguyen was released to the public in September 2013. Jisun Lee proceeded with her wedding to Jinseok Oh in October 2013.

As of January 2015, Kim Nguyen has not received any explanation or apology for what happened to her or any compensation for the medical costs of the life-altering injuries from her traumatic experience while in LAPD custody.

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In 2018, Jin S. Oh received $196,769.73 in total pay and benefits from the Los Angeles Police Department for one year’s work.